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renowned athlete Ollie Langs

The Dynamics of Practice - a Guided Outline to Success

renowned athlete Ollie Langs

The Dynamics of Practice

Make your Paintball Training successful

Learn the Secrets of Paintball and How to have a Perfect Practice!

"Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect"
- Vince Lombardi

Are you feeling stuck?

  • Since the inception of the sport of paintball there has never been any proper formula to follow.
  • The only way to grow has been to watch other teams and follow the format they use and copy it.
  • For the past 10 years we have seen no rise to the sport as many of the top teams continue to reign with a giant gap in- between.
  • Many teams starting are lost in a world of confusion on how to actually excel in the sport of paintball and many burn out in the process. Hence the lack of growth from the team level.
  • Not only players are lost, but teams crumble, stores perish and fields get dismantled, fragmented and warped.


–Bill Monroe

So why does no one practice?

A better question is how come no one knows how to practice...

Practice in every aspect of life is one of the most essential things we need to invest our time ad energy in if we want to achieve our goals, in whatever category we are seeking a progressive out come.

What needs to happen?

This course will not only be a road map to a more successful paintball practice, but it will be a window into yourself to see and become clear with your ambitions in life and as a sportsman.

“This formula is a life time of trial and error within my career, and I believe if we want to excel as proper athletes and pioneers of the sport we must hone in on a proper program and become clear with our vision for what we want achieve” -Ollie lang

How can we raise the level?

  • The first step is in commiting to yourself you are ready to take the next step into you personal journey as a paintball player
  • The main elements of a team starts with how you treat yourself and how seriously you want to take this opportunity to grow
  • This course will easily guide you through the proper steps that will be needed to understand the dynamics of team as well as practice.
  • It will high light key points that are misunderstood to help you make the next jump in your level
  • This course is not limited to any level of player or team, It is a formula to create a mutual understanding between your team mates, other potential sparing teams, the field you play at and the sport within the community you play in
  • This is more that just a standard series of drills to follow it is a full outline on how to grow yourself, your team, and the level of play
  • It is a road map to understanding success within yourself and ultimately leading your team to podium finishes.

So what do you get?

The course is structured in a certain way to first become clear with your personal intent. This will be followed by a video.

Over the course you will learn:

Complete Understanding of Team Player Responsibilities

Understanding Work Ethic

Learning about Mutual Respect


Team Communication on field and off

Paintball Community Effort


Paintball Theory & Codes

Understanding about Team Growth & Sponsorship

Paintball ZEN

Exercise Routines

Secrets of the Art of Winning

And of course: A lot of Tips and Tricks of the Pros!


When can you start?

You Can Start Now!

The course will be an investment of only 19.99$.
That is not to make money, but to make sure that you commit yourself to apply the things you will learn in the course. It's there to help you find your path as a paintball player.

Click the PayPal button below to buy the course. You will be redirected to the registration process after the payment.

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Who is OlliE Lang?

If you haven't heard about Oliver or Ollie - he has been on the for front of paintball for the past 20 years.

Becoming americans youngest pro at age 17 he has paved the road to success in the sport of paintball.

He was countlessly voted and nominated player of the year after year before there was any guidelines or credentials to achieve the title of best player in the world.

Then solidifying MVP in 2013 when actual statistics where taken Both his teams Dynasty and Ironman have been iconic teams in the past and their success have been hugely effected by Ollie.

“The truth is I never looked at practice as a daunting task. It was always a labor of love. With in all the sub categories of the sport I knew what I needed to do to reach my highest potential on and off the field. The real gift was learning how to become a catalyst to bring out the best in others. Which i believe separates a great player from a masterful player”

- Ollie Lang

Its your chance to learn from the best!

"I have realized a sad thing in my life, this is the limited ability of my fellow man. They often self doubt and live in a world of lack. My personal intent is to help you rise above that critical saboteur that lives in all men and woman. To become clear with you intent, create a vision and hold it. To give you a formula that if applied with personal will power can create a dream of a team filled with successful like minded and heart filled players to help the growth of our favorite sport called."

- Ollie Lang